Restorative Treatment

A Teeth Supported Dental Bridge is a permanent fixed restoration used to replace missing teeth. A bridge is any tooth shaped restoration used to replace missing teeth that is connected by two or more supporting units. More commonly they are supported by two or more sound teeth on either side of the missing teeth. To replace a tooth with a fixed tooth supported bridge, the tooth in front of the space and the tooth behind the space are prepared to receive crowns, attached to which is the false tooth, or as we call it, a Pontic. For a single missing tooth, this sturdy structure is composed of two crowns and a prosthetic tooth. Thus for a single missing tooth, you will have a dental bridge consisting of three units, viz. two crowns and the false tooth.

The principle functioning of the dental bridges lies on the shoulders of the surrounding teeth. If these teeth are not up to the mark in the health parameter, then the longevity of the dental bridge could be compromised. Furthermore, considering a situation when the surrounding teeth are absolutely healthy with no decay or gum problem,then getting a sub-standard bridge would affect their health in the long run. Thus, as our endeavor to keep your teeth as naturally healthy as possible, we fabricate dental bridges that are specifically made using CAD-CAM machines that help us give you a restoration with the exact precise fit possible.

Dr. Neha Bagrecha is a Prosthodontist and has done her extensive studies in making the crowns and bridges.

Crowns and Bridges

Complete dentures or full dentures are plastic plates with teeth custom-made to fit each individual. It is made from pink acrylic simulating gum tissue and plastic or porcelain teeth, custom set for each patient. Complete dentures are made for edentulous patients (with no teeth). Apart from replacing teeth, they also improve appearance by mimicking gums with the pink acrylic and the overall facial height and width. Sometimes, some of the teeth can be saved to preserve the jawbone and provide stability and support for the denture. Such kind of a denture is called an Over-denture. An over-denture is also a complete removable acrylic denture which apart from being supported by the soft tissues is also held in the mouth with the help of the remaining teeth, which are prepared in a manner to provide such a function. This extra support makes the over-denture a better form of a complete denture and is preferably done whenever possible.

Older age or Younger person with multiple teeth missing, damaged teeth because of cavities or fractures causes lot of discomfort while eating. Older age demands good nutrition and good digestion. First stage of digestion starts with proper chewing of food and mixing salivary juices for initial breakdown of the food. As multiple missing teeth causes inability to chew properly and improper digestion, that may cause lot of gastric problems, most commonly hyper acidity.

Dr.  Neha Bagrecha is a geriatric dentist (dentist for older people), specialized in managing and rehabilitating these kind of difficult situations. Get your teeth form, structure and arrangement as good as your original teeth back with the specialist, i.e. Prosthodontist.

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