Curative treatments

At Teeth and Faces Dental clinic tooth coloured dental fillings are done to restore teeth that have been damaged by tooth decay or injury. The cleaning and shaping of teeth prior to the filling is done. Different types of tooth filling materials are used at Teeth and Faces dental Clinic for the filling of different types of cavities in various locations of the teeth, viz. Light cure composite resins, Glass ionomer cements, and laboratory fabricated fillings (inlays/onlays) made of either ceramic filling, composite filling or zirconia.

Tooth Filling
root canal treatment

Root canal treatment is most commonly a painless procedure that will preserve your tooth and keep the structure from getting more damaged due to infection and trauma. In a nutshell a root canal is actually your tooth Savior. The root canal name itself implies that it is a treatment of the roots of the tooth, and more specifically in the canal portion of the root where the nerve, blood vessels and connective tissue of the tooth reside.

When do you need a root canal treatment?

A root canal treatment is performed when your tooth is badly decayed that it is touching the canals of the root it can be very painful or sometimes painless too. RCT is also performed on a traumatised tooth which may or may not be decayed.

The procedure is done under local anaesthesia after that it becomes painless the dentist first removes all the decayed part from the tooth makes an access to the canals of the root and cleans the canals thoroughly by using various types of instruments and apex locators , later on the canals are filled with gutta-percha,dental cement and a crown.

Do u complain of bad breath? Bleeding gums?

See a dentist to find out whats wrong it can be treated.

Gum disease can be caused by a number of factors, but poor oral hygiene is the most common cause. Poor oral hygiene, such as not brushing your teeth properly or regularly, can cause plaque to build up on your teeth.

Gingivitis is a mild form of gum disease which causes swollen and bleeding gums. This condition can be reversed by going to a dentist and

getting teeth cleaned professionally which called as scaling and polishing followed by regular use of dental floss and brushing.

When this condition worsens it leads to the next stage called as periodontitis, which causes receding gums, loss of bone and detachment of the gingival from the tooth. At this stage you require a minor surgical procedure called as Flap surgery. Where a dentist will clean the teeth thoroughly from deep inside the gums and will give you sutures. To avoid any kind of gum problems do visit the dentist to get them cleaning every 6 months


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