Implant supported removal denture

As the name suggests these dentures are retained or snapped upon the dental implants but can be removed by the patient. The benefit of these dentures are the stability and retention, more efficient chewing than the convention bone supported dentures.

As a Prosthodontist Dr. Neha Bagrecha had observed problems faced by the patient who wear normal conventional dentures. Sometimes the bone of the patient is excessively resorbed and the adjustments with the conventional denture becomes more challenging for the patient . In such a case do ask about dental implants. Putting dental implants preserve the jaw bone surrounding it and gives a comfortable prosthesis.

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We have Dr. Rahul Bagrecha (Oral Maxillofacial Surgeon) trained and specialised in doing a Zygomatic Implant Surgery. Dr. Neha Bagrecha is a |Prosthodontist| who takes care for the prosthesis after the placement of implants.