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Wisdom Tooth Removal

Sometimes even by taking utmost care and treatment some tooth cannot be saved due to the level of infection. Traditionally the extractions were done by fracturing the weak bone making it traumatic for healing Dr Rahul Bagrecha is an oral maxillofacial surgeon and is specialised in all the complex surgeries of head neck face. At Teeth and Faces dental clinic Dr Rahul Bagrecha specializes in performing the extraction painless,minimally invasive , conservative and less traumatic which leads to fast healing. Our major part of extractions at Teeth And Faces dental clinic are surgical removal of wisdom tooth/third molar and orthodontic extractions.

In most of the population this tooth starts erupting during late at teens, and may not erupt in the oral cavity/mouth at all, or sometimes it is malfunctioned leading to the collection of bacterias and developing infection around the tooth. This situation can lead to a lot of pain ,infection and sometimes difficulty in opening the mouth It can also damage the other teeth by pushing them forward and decay in the second molar the very next tooth to it. Even the wisdom tooth which is not erupted in the oral cavity can damage the other teeth by causing harm to the roots.

The best way is to get a x-ray done and consult Dr. Rahul Bagrecha for an appropriate treatment. The surgical extraction of the third molar is quite simple and is done under the local anaesthsia which a Is absolutely painless on the chair it is followed by the sutures which has to be removed mostly after a week .

tooth removal


Cyst Removal

Cysts is a cavity filled with fluid. It can be at the apex of the tooth due to the chronic infection, or it can be associated with a non erupted tooth also.

At Teeth and Faces Dental Clinic Dr Rahul Bagrecha is an expert in excision of cysts. He is an Oral Maxillo Facial sugeon.

Cyst removal

Periapical Surgeries

Endodontic treatment is usually performed in teeth with periapical lesions. Sometimes the lesion is chronic and doesn’t get treated completely by doing only root canal. The main objective of periapical surgery is to seal the root canal system, thereby enabling healing by forming a barrier between the irritants within the confines of the affected root and the periapical tissue.

Dr. Rahul Bagrecha is an expert to perform these surgeries at Teeth and Faces Dental clinic.

Periodental Surgeries for Gum Diseases

Do u have bleeding gums ,receding gums and scaling and polishing alone can’t help treating your gums at this stage ? You might be suffering from periodontitis. Visit a dentist to know more about this You might need a flap surgery to be performed for your gums.

The procedure is an extensive and aggressive cleaning of your teeth which is different than the normal scaling and polishing.sometimes the dentist need to put the bone graft also for the lost bone surrounding teeth.

Dr. Rahul Bagrecha performs these procedure routinely at Teeth and faces dental clinic kharadi.


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