Implant supported fixed teeth (All on four)

What is Implant supported fixed teeth (All on Four) ?

All On Four is a new concept in implantology, where we can replace all the teeth with fixed prosthesis with the help of FOUR implants in each jaw. this is particularly used in the patients with severe bone loss and where conventional implants can not be placed. Conventional way of placing implants in these kind of patients was to do bone regeneration inside the sinus by doing a surgery called SINUS LIFT, putting bone substitutes and waiting period of one to one and half year till you get final teeth/prosthesis. second disadvantage is cost as more number of implants are used and bone substitute and extra surgeries are involved.

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Alll on four- Teeth and faces
Dr. Rahul Bagrecha

At Teeth And Faces

We used World Best Implant System for #ALL ON 4 i.e. #NOBEL BIOCARE

Dr. Rahul Bagrecha is specialized in complicated and advanced implantology and Dr. Neha Bagrecha is specialised in advanced prosthodontics, these are the two specialities required for the #ALL ON 4 and other complicated implant supported rehabilitation.

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