Implant supported full mouth fixed prosthesis

Causes of missing teeth

Complete Edentulism or Completely missing teeth is a type of handicap which affects complete bodies health. Improper biting efficiency and improper chewing of the food causes lot of gastric and nutritional issues. when this happens in later part of life, where nutritional requirements are even more important and digestive efficiency is lesser than younger age, the quality of life reduces drastically. Best biting efficiency and comfort can be achieved by having all fixed teeth in mouth.

Screenshot of Implant supported full mouth fixed prosthesis

So is it possible to have fixed teeth when you have all the teeth missing?

Answer is YES, you can have all fixed teeth with the help of dental implants supported fixed prosthesis. With modern technology and better learning curve it has become very easy and comfortable procedure. The success rate is highest among all the dental procedure.

Dr. Rahul Bagrecha has a University degree in dental implants and using best dental implant system of the world. He is treating many local and international patients. He is enthusiastic teacher and training many young practitioner in implantology.

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